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Morocco - the cities of royalty

Morocco - the cities of royalty and the Sahara

Royal and Sahara cities Come to visit ancient and mysterious cities of Morocco with the best tour guides. We will also get a taste of the famous desert in the world - The Sahara

Morocco - the cities of royalty and the Sahara
Morocco - the cities of royalty and the Sahara

Time & Location

Time is TBD

Morocco - the cities of royalty, Casablanca, Morocco

About the Event

Day 1: - Milan - Casablanca

On the way we will be impressed by the architecture of the French government. Transfer and stay at a hotel in Casablanca. After dinner we will go to a club in the city.

Day 2: Casablanca-Rabat-Meknes-Pass

After breakfast, we will complete our tour in the picturesque city of Casablanca and continue to Rabat the capital, we will start in the King's main palace plaza, from there to the Tor Hassan plaza and the museum where the last kings of Morocco are buried, we will visit the audio casbah built on a cliff and the view is simply spectacular. And exit through the Andalusian Gardens, at the end of the tour we will continue to the city of Meknes one of the royal cities, known as "Versailles of Morocco" built by Sultan Moulay Ismail, known as "Herod of Morocco". Elhadim Square and the colorful culinary market, from there we will drive to Fez, the spiritual religious capital of Morocco.

Day 3: - Pass

This day will be dedicated to a comprehensive tour of the city which was founded by Moulay Idris in the late 8th century and became the religious spiritual capital of Morocco, we will start our tour with a visit to observe its development on the first capital of Morocco. From there we will continue to the King's Palace plaza and from there to the manicured Jewish cemetery, visit the ancient stone and synagogue "Ibn Danan" that survived in Fez and was declared a UNESCO heritage site, tour the country and its colorful markets including a view of Maimonides' home, meet the professionals and unique artists To the city of Fez, we will start with the pots and copper backgrounds and continue to the leather processors, after dinner we will set out for an evening of folklore Passi including a first drink.

Day 4 / -Pas-Ifran-Arpod

In the morning we will leave Fez, drive to the resort town of Ifran, a resort and ski town in the middle of the Middle Atlas Mountains, known as "Switzerland of Morocco", stop at a cafe and view the city's lion symbol statue, stop in the cedar forests to see the monkey families living in these forests. We will pass by nomadic shepherd villages and glide to the edge of the Sahara through the entrance of the city's Tefillat district. We will drive through the picturesque landscapes and towns of Neot Midbar and casbahs built of mud between palm trees located on the "Ziz" river, towards evening we will reach the town of Arpod which is in the heart of the Sahara.

Day 5: Marzouga - Versace - Early in the morning we will set out for one of the most beautiful days of our trip. A jeep trip to the golden dunes of Marzouga, we will meet the special people who live in the area known as the "blue people" of the Touareg tribe and climb the dune to observe sunrise. "Rare and fascinating sight" At the end of the tour we will return for breakfast at our hotel and head towards the city of Versailles and drive through the ancient wells "Pogarot" an ancient means of transporting water in the Sahara. We will continue to the Tudra Canyon with its red walls, and from there we will continue through the thousand casbahs to the city of movies, the city of Versailles. Accommodation in Versailles.

Day 6: - Versailles - Marrakech

After breakfast we will go on a tour of the salt wadi, we will walk in the alleys of the magnificent casbah "Ait Ben Hado" then we will make our way to the red city, the city of Marrakech. Through the high atlas landscapes. We will spend the rest of the day in Marrakech, the "Red City", also known as the "Heart of Morocco". The Baha'i Palace, the Writers' Mosque, will wander the salt marshes where Jews still live and visit the synagogue. We will end in the main square of Marrakesh Jama Alpana here we will watch the thousands of monkeys and snakes, listen to the storytellers we will be impressed by the colorfulness of the square that does not leave you indifferent, towards the evening the square changes the setting We'll go to a local club.

Day 7 - After breakfast we will set out for a day full of experience. We will continue to the Eureka Valley rich in greenery and water in the Atlas Mountains. The valley stretches along the Eureka River, which drains the high, snow-covered Atlas ridges. he

Flows north and empties into the Wadi Tasifat in the shadow of Jabal Tubkal, high in the mountains of Morocco. Above the valley lie barbarian villages, their houses stacked on top of each other, built of local stone and connected by clay. Prominent among the important crops grown by the residents are deciduous fruit trees: apple, cherry, plum, peach, apricot, walnut. Also grown are vegetables: potatoes, green beans, and grains: corn, wheat, barley, as well as legumes and spices, mostly Louisa. In spring and summer, the inhabitants of Marrakesh escape the heavy heat and find refuge in the water sources of the Eureka and the high mountains. Many of the artisans are involved in pottery. The name of the pottery of the Eureka Valley came out all over Morocco and beyond. We will visit a typical barbarian house and be impressed by the way of life in the villages. Lunch at Fatima's special experience. Accommodation in Marrakech. In the evening departure for a joint entertainment for the show "Fantasy of Ali" including a first drink

Day 8: - Marrakech - Casablanca Airport -

Morning for personal tours or with the guide and towards noon we made our way to Casablanca Airport. For the flight back to Milan, the trip is over.

The price of the trip includes:

• Flights with regular companies

• 5-4 star hotels

• Half board (excluding drinks) the passenger must buy mineral water.

• Expert guide, visa to Morocco, luxurious and air-conditioned tourist bus

• Entrance fees to the sites as written in the plan.

• Tips for waiters, porters, cops and partying in Fez

• Camels in the Sahara for sunrise, feast in Fez, (including first drink)

The price of the trip does not include:

• Medical insurance, luggage insurance, personal expenses.

• Extra single (for a single in a room € 350

• Tip for the guide: It is customary to give € 5 per person per day of a trip.

• The registration for the trip constitutes approval and consent to what is stated in the regulations.

Articles of Association

• Viaggio nel mondo may change the order of the route according to the constraints of the trip or at the discretion of the guide.

• Any change initiated by the group or the sole passenger on the flight ticket will apply to the passenger and at his expense.

• The entry visa to Morocco is issued by the Moroccan authorities, there may be delays and waiting for the visa, if for any reason the entry of one or more passengers is not allowed, Morocco will not be responsible for this in any way, the passenger will be refunded funds not used except cancellation and flight ticket Airport taxes .

• Payment for the trip will be made before departure.

• Weight: The maximum weight is 20 kg per passenger and an additional 8 kg in a bag or side suitcase that stays close to the passenger on the plane. Any charge of excess weight will apply to the passenger.

• Do not load for safety reasons in a side bag or side suitcase, liquids / ointments over 100 ml. Or sharp metal utensils.

• Admission to the sites shown in the program is free.

• Insurance: It is mandatory for every passenger to insure himself with appropriate medical insurance, including an extension to air hits, it is recommended to insure an additional day from the date of return.

• It is obligatory to report to the guide about chronic medical problems, advanced pregnancy or those that can make it difficult for the traveler to travel, and if you are taking medication regularly, you must bring a prescription photo.

• Registration for the trip is as full and irrevocable consent to the conditions in the general information and regulations as it appears on this website.

• Hotels: Accommodation in 4 or 5 star hotels depending on the rating of the Moroccan Ministry of Tourism.

• Economy: The economy is on a half board basis. Unless I mention otherwise.

• Accommodation: Accommodation is based on two passengers in a room, there is an extra charge for a passenger with a single occupancy. € 350

• Documents: The passenger must send a valid passport photo (at least for three weeks from the date of departure) to the company to process a visa to enter Morocco before leaving at least 21 days from the date of departure.

• Personal expenses: drinks, laundry phones, mail, taxi ride, etc. apply to the passenger.

• Trip plan: There is a possibility to change the route according to constraints.

• Joining passengers: There is a possibility if it is not possible to take the trip due to low registration of passengers to join the passengers to another group on an organized trip.

• Group size: minimum 20 passengers either at the discretion of the company or according to the limit of the number of seats in the vehicle.

• Counting days of the trip: The number of days of the trip includes the day of departure until the day of arrival in Israel.

Down payment: The passenger's participation is conditional on a minimum down payment of € 350 or more.

Cancellation: Notice of cancellation will be given in writing or by email to the address that appears on the company's website.

• Cancellation fee: up to 30 days before the trip € 150, from 30 days up to 14 days before the trip € 450, 13 days until the trip € 800.

 The cancellation fee listed above does not include the flight ticket cancellation fee as set by the airlines.

Courts: Any lawsuit or litigation will be in the court in Be'er Sheva.

Payment: Payment is in Euro - €.

• Schedule: The passenger is obliged to meet the schedule set by the organizer or guide, any expenses that will apply due to non-compliance

     The schedule of the trip will apply to the passenger.

Advance payment constitutes registration for a trip, consent and approval of the regulations listed above.


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