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Umbria and Marche

Umbria and Marche are two ropes in central Italy that are surprising in their authenticity and in keeping with the traditions of the past. We will visit the art cities of Assisi, Perugia, Orbieto, Ascoli Piccano and Urbino.

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Umbria and Marche
Umbria and Marche

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Umbria, Umbria, Italy

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Day 1  : Rome - Orbieto

This morning we will headed north towards Umbria. We will reach the beautiful city - Orbieto . We will climb the Funicular (Pass Train) to the upper city, which sits on the muzzle of a volcano off. Observed in the splendid front of the beautiful Duomo, which is beautiful in Italy, we will visit Chapel San Bricio and be impressed by Luca Seniorio's doomsday. We will continue a fascinating tour beneath the Old City with burrows and living quarries, carved into the tuffstone and used as an Etruscan cemetery - in the period before the Roman period. Take a tour of the picturesque alleys and enjoy unforgettable views of the impressive views of central Italy. Transfer to hotel in Perugia area. Dinner.

Day 2 : Assisi - Cloth House and Olive Oil Tasting - Perugia

Let's start our day in the beautiful town of Assisi where he was born in 12th century Francesco, the founder of the Franciscan Order, who advocated poverty as an ideal and a return to the values ​​of modesty and brotherhood. We will visit the San Francesco Basilica and wander among the picturesque alleys of the spiritual city. At noon, we will visit a cloth house and learn about the process of making Umbria's special olive oil, when we finish tasting local foods. In the afternoon we will reach Perugia , go up to the Old City, take a tour of the main sites and taste the famous chocolate produced in the city, which is not the bachchi chocolate. Back to our hotel and dinner.

Day 3 : The Marble Falls - Spoleto - Montepulco Winery - Sepello

We will start the day by visiting the Marble Falls Reserve , which is the highest in Italy. Observe the unique natural phenomenon of the area. We will continue to Spoleto 's Old Town , cross the towers bridge, encircle the vast fortress that ruled the city and descend downtown through the picturesque alleys. Free time to enjoy the city's restaurants and trattorias. In the afternoon we will arrive in Montepalco and visit the winery, where we will taste the local "sergrantino" wine. Continue to the picturesque town of Seplo , where time stood still. Back to the hotel and dinner.

Day 4 : Gobio - Fabiano (Paper Museum) The Prasasi stalactite caves

This morning we will visit the picturesque medieval town Gobio Gubbio , see the splendid palaces and remnants of the wall, go up to the upper city and enjoy the wonderful views, and the beautiful town. We will be impressed by the medieval building style - heavy stones, terrific bars, arches, and more. We will continue to Fabriano where we will visit the Paper Museum. In the afternoon we will visit the Grotte di Frasassi stalactite cave  which is one of the largest and most interesting in Italy. A system of stalactite caves created by the excavation of a river over 18 km, of which only one kilometer is open for public visits. Continue to overnight in Urbino and dinner.

Day 5 : Urbino - Gradara Fortress

A memorable day out in Urbino - a picturesque renaissance city, one of the most important sites in Marca County. From the 15th century, the city became one of the centers of Italian culture under the patronage of Duke Federico di Montefloro. Urbino is also the hometown of the famous painter Raphael , and the artist's home is open for visits. The historic center of Urbino was declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site. We will continue to visit the town Gradarh , gorgeous medieval town walled and fortress. After the visit back to the hotel. Dinner.

Day 6 : Loreto - Conroe Nature Reserve - Escoli Piccano

This morning we will visit Loreto - a tranquil and laid -back city that sits on the top of the hills, one of which was the building of Maria Malloretto's temple at a vantage point on the sea. Visited and visited in the Temple of Maria Meloreto, which was recognized as a holy place by Pope John Paul II. At noon we will have a picnic at the Conroe Nature Reserve where the region's products are tasted. We will continue the tour of the beautiful town of Escoli Piccano , which preserves the structure of the ancient Roman city, which was built after the victory over the Piccones. After the tour, transfer to a hotel in the area. Dinner.

Day 7 : Abruzzo: Castelli - Campo Imperatore - Santo Stefano di Sessano - Rome 

On the last day of our trip we will head to the Abruzzo area. We will come to the town of Castelli and visit a local ceramic artist who works with traditional methods. We will continue on a beautiful scenic route in the Campo Imperatore area and the medieval town of Santo Stefano di Sessanio.


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